7 Tips of what men can wear at relaxed style wedding

The style for groom is just as important as bride’s dress. I can hear you screaming that is not true! We know that brides draw more attention, but at the end I think it’s not just about her but also about him. It’s their joint “D” day, and what do we want more then satisfied bride and groom, am I right?

 I never realized how much work and preparation went into planning a wedding and have only just started to understand this when two of my close friends started getting a list of things together for their wedding. It’s commonly known that weddings are one of the most expensive events especially in spending the most money for one day. There are things you need to consider like catering, wedding consultant, dresses not just for bride and groom but also for the brides maids, styling ( makeup, hair), music, photographer, cake, flowers, rings, invitations and locations of where the wedding would be. This all depends on how big or small your budget is or how big or small you want your wedding to be as not everyone likes big weddings. There can be weddings with just close friends and family or just simply with family etc. There are actually no boundaries when talking about wedding, just your imagination and yes, your budget.

But I’m not going to talk about these things now, as there are many different articles out there. I would like to talk about a bit more unusual thing and provide the husbands with few tips about what they could be wearing at this very special day and this time we won’t be talking about the usual formal wedding, where men usually wear black tuxedo. There are many couples out there which prefer a bit more informal way of how to tell each other that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. So we will focus on those a bit more relaxed wedding days.

So, imagine a romantic adventure wedding (not formal) in a relaxing atmosphere with your close family and friends, having heaps of fun, where you don’t go by the rules because it’s your day. It’s in a garden, your favorite holiday place or your favorite beach.  It doesn’t matter where it is going to be as long as you all have a good laugh and make great memories. And remember, that day is only about you two and you can even wear whatever you like, not what everyone else is wearing or what people tell you to wear.

We are also not telling what you should wear as rather providing you with some tips as we always say that people should wear what they like, and what they feel comfortable to wear. For now let’s forget about the formal black tuxedos as they really don’t fit much this place and atmosphere and put your groom into something different to make it even more special and memorable for both of you.


You can wear white or also use another color in softer hue. You can go with a shirt for example in light blue, green, purple, pink or yellow (see examples above on the the first two pictures) to match the bride’s bouquet. In terms of style, choose a shirt that is fitted or semi fitted made from a natural fiber material like bamboo or cotton, which will breathe during the night as you dance. Cotton or bamboo shirts are very comfortable to wear so you will be able to enjoy your wedding and look great.


White pants would look great in combination with any color of your shirt (mentioned above), but I know that not everyone would be comfortable in white pants, however if you are not scared to wear white pants then it would definitely look refreshing as the color combination of your clothes would stand out and complement the bride’s dress. If white is too much then go for sand long pants with a white shirt. It’s a softer looking style and you can’t spoil anything with that. Or make it a bit funkier with a totally different look and wear a colored bright shirt (purple, yellow, blue, pink) with navy blue or creamy shorts. Shorts? Yes, Why not. Who said you can’t wear shorts at your wedding. If that’s the style which you both like then go for it. And you can definitely find elegant shorts which would complete the shirt perfectly.


Photos from: HandmadeByEmy  (Emy Uhlig)


Use accessories like suspenders, bow tie, tie or belt in bright color (e.g. bright yellow bow tie, white shirt with sand long pants, yellow socks with sand shoes) or the same color as your pants. You can also have accessories in a darker hue than your shirt color to make a greater contrast (e.g. yellow shirt, orange tie or suspenders with navy blue shorts and navy blue shoes).

Example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/306596687108574651/

If you are not confident in wearing bright colors then you can wear neutral colors. For example sand pants with a white shirt and sage suspenders, which would also look very attractive. Sometimes just a little bit of color can change your whole look.

Hats [for example: toyo straw fedora hat men] can be also another great accessory which can perfectly complete your look. Again try to match the color with your pants and shirt and pick some hat shape which suits your head shape. The best advice I can give you is to head to your local store with a wide range of hats and try on them to get a feel and see what works for you best.


I would recommend leather comfortable shoes as you will be up all night. Match your pants or find slightly darker hue. For a funkier style I would recommend casual lace-up shoes with colored laces or socks.

Example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/306596687108574672/



Photos from: HandmadeByEmy (Emy Uhlig)


Vest is like an accessory. No matter how old you are it will always accomplish your outfit, either if you are wearing light or bright colors. Vest makes the outfit a bit more formal if you still prefer it. The look is very sophisticated but relax without a jacket. You should wear your vest up to your waist or where your pants are just sitting and it should besnugged not loose. The vest at the back may be little bit shorter so it will show your shirt little bit.  You may think that wearing a vest is again a bit more formal. It can be, but doesn’t have to be. It will look cool and stylish. And if you wear long sleeves shirt then just simply roll the sleeves up to create again more smart casual style. Just remember with the look of your whole outfit do not wear more than three colors otherwise you will look like a parrot. I recommend always go with color of your vest that matches your pants.


Photos from: HandmadeByEmy (Emy Uhlig)


If you go for suit jacket, make sure it match your pants/shorts and if you chose to have a vest as well then make it matching too. For example light sand suit is beautiful for wedding. It’s refreshing and you will look very handsome. Example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/306596687108574647/

A jacket should fit your shape perfectly to your natural standing otherwise it ruins your look. When you button up your jacket the two front panels should meet neatly without hanging or pulling the parts, so it doesn’t look like your button is going to pop off. The length of shoulders of the suit should finish with the edge of your shoulder bone. When you raise your hands straight out in front of you, you can see if your sleeves have correct length. It should finish behind your wrist where your palm is. So when you put your hands down your sleeve don’t look short. However a small band of shirt should be visible, but it’s not necessary. The length of the suit jacket should finish around the top of your buttocks (it’s just a helpful tip but don’t have to follow it exactly).

7. Boutonniere

Matching boutonniere with the bride’s bouquet, can be pinned to jacket’s lapel or inserted into the pocket of the jacket. In case you are not wearing a jacket then just pin it into the shirt. Pick a harder flower like succulents, roses, haworthia fasciata, or dusty miller so it will last longer. But be careful heavier boutonniere can damage a delicate light shirts. Also Boutonniere made of feather is very beautiful and light to pin it into the shirt. You can prepare your boutonniere a couple of days before the wedding day and keep it in a fridge. Here is a tip if you would like to do it by yourself by Utah bride blog.

Or have a look at some more ideas at Astico Pinterest.

Example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/306596687108574656/

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you found some interesting tips for your D day. Again, don’t forget that this day is about you two and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable to wear. There are many advices and tips, so just check them if you are not sure what to wear and choose what best suits you and your future wife.

And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy that special day!

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Wish you love and happiness on this wonderful day!

Astico menswear team

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