astico story

Astico is a new fresh, vibrant and original menswear brand with all products designed and made in Australia but distributed all around the world. Astico menswear is a brand for men who like to experiment, who want to be themselves and who are confident to wear something different. The debut collection is full of original designs and vibrant colors with a special attention to details which make astico garments even more original and different.  The collection includes t-shirts and shirts made from bamboo, organic cotton or modal material which are pretty unusual fabrics but the quality and functionality of those materials are extraordinary and very comfortable to wear.

Astico is simply bringing new options for men who don’t want to look like everyone else out there, who don’t want to be dictated by trends and by masses and for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and wear high-quality and comfortable clothes even in unusual designs and colors.


high quality of manufacturing and fabrics

Original designs, high quality manufacturing as well as quality and uniqueness of the materials we use. Ask yourself, have you ever worn a shirt made from bamboo or a t-shirt made from modal and silk? Probably not, right? But once you try those you would be asking why there are not more products from these great fabrics on the market. As we manufacture only in small amounts to ensure the exclusivity of our products we are also able to focus highly on detailed quality control in all stages of the manufacturing and dispatch process. We check each individual garment coming from production and again we check each individual garment before we pack it and send it to you. And in an unusual case if you find something you think breaches our promise of delivering quality products we will be happy to replace that garment with a new one. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, as we believe that a happy customer is someone who buys our products again and someone who recommends our products to someone else and we will do everything possible to make you our happy customer as well. For more information check our customer service info and return policies.

local manufacturing, worldwide delivery

All astico products are designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia and we source materials and fabric from around Australia as well. We are really proud to support the local fashion industry and we tend to keep it this way! All astico products are manufactured in small quantities per style, as we prefer quality and authenticity. If you want to wear something what you don’t see every day on someone else, then astico menswear is perfect for you.

We deliver our products all around the world as we want to help guys who want to be themselves no matter whey they are. astico is a brand with global focus, we don’t care about where you are from just simply enjoy wearing our great high quality and original products and enjoy your life.

men's bamboo t-shirt