Bamboo Organic Cotton T-shirt Sage


Unique neckline design and style of t-shirt from our special bamboo edition collection is made from 70%bamboo 20% organic cotton 10% spandex. Its a slim fit, comfortable to wear and highly functional. Bamboo fabric has a silky smooth feel that is truly surprising and it has an unusual ability to breath and to cool your body very well. It actually absorbs 70% more water than cotton so it can absorb and evaporate quickly the human sweat.  

Styling tip: sage colour is beautiful neutral colour which goes really well with bright colours. It is a beautiful combination with red, or yellow for lighter hue go with sage-blue combination.



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70% bamboo 20% organic cotton 10% spandex

Clothes made of bamboo are extremely comfortable in hot summer or even in winter days, wearing t-shirt or a shirt made from bamboo fabric won’t stick to your skin. It has a natural sheen unlike other natural vegetable based fabrics. You won’t believe such a fabric comes from a plant as durable as bamboo. Bamboo fabric is considered an environmentally friendly material. Compared to its most similar textile of cotton, bamboo does not usually require pesticides or fertilisers and grows well without aid. Bamboo fiber is a highly water absorbent fabric (hygroscopic). It is also anti-static and has natural deodorising wealth.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 39.2 x 30.4 x 1 cm

L, M, S, XL


70% Bamboo 20% Organic cotton 10% Spandex


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